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Gold Coast Security Camera & CCTV Installation

Security hardware installation for Gold Coast homes and businesses

Secure your property with Gold Coast security camera and CCTV installation

Secure your property with Gold Coast security camera and CCTV installation. When you need 24/7 security, a modern security camera system is one of the simplest solutions. Businesses, gated communities, warehouses, and private homes can all benefit from having seamless detection and recording in place. At HomeTech Systems, we’ve been helping Gold Coasters install security hardware at commercial and residential locations for more than 30 years.

As trained security professionals, we do more than just set up cameras – we assess your property for vulnerabilities, and develop security solutions that actually keep you, your people, and your property safe. Security shouldn’t be taken lightly. Talk to us, and find out how we can protect the things you care about.

The HomeTech Systems Difference

Full Installation

We source the hardware, install the cameras, and set up the systems to keep you safe.​

Site Analysis

We conduct a full site analysis to make sure your cameras we install are actually protecting you.

Bespoke Solutions

Need something that other installers can’t do? With 30+ years of security installation experience, we’ll help you get there.

Why You Should Invest in Security Cameras

Deter Criminals

Having a visible security system in place can scare off potential intruders before they even enter your property.

Collect Evidence

If an incident occurs, video footage can be essential for catching perpetrators and lodging insurance claims.

Reduce Insurance

Having on-site 24/7 security surveillance can significantly reduce your insurance premiums, saving you money.

Monitor Kids/Pets

If you’re at work or away on holidays, an internal security system means you can monitor your children or pets.

Ensure Compliance

Having a workplace security system means you can monitor staff compliance and reduce safety breaches.

Prevent Theft

Worried about employees stealing? An internal camera system can give you peace of mind.

How Our Camera Installation Process Works

1. Discovery Meeting

We’ll discuss your security needs, your budget, and other relevant factors.

2. Site Inspection

We’ll come out to your property to assess camera locations, your current security, and any vulnerabilities. Once we have a full understanding of your needs, we’ll give you a quote.

3. Installation

We’ll source the hardware and install it in a way that minimises any impacts on your commercial or residential activities.

Gold Coast CCTV and Security Camera Supplies

Good security starts with the right hardware.

Good security starts with the right hardware. With so many different cameras and video systems on the market, it’s easy to get overwhelmed. Once we’ve assessed your property and discussed your budget, we’ll recommend and source the products that best match your needs. We have access to an extensive range of suppliers at competitive costs, including non-Chinese brands like Bosch, Axis Communications, and Avigilon.

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