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Notice to all Gold Coast Building Managers

With the free to air terrestrial Digital Television channel restack/retune Gold Coast , the building amplifiers need to be suited for the new adjacent channel plan, if the Headend hasn't been adjusted-upgraded by 28 October the TV reception will be lost in the building or complex.

 From the 1st of January 2015 Telstra and Optus commenced commissioning numerous 4G transmission sites utilising the old 700MHz television spectrum. Telstra and Optus will each have more than 1,000 sites operational in the near future.

Since Monday 05/01/20145, we have received numerous calls relating to 100's of TV/MATV installations with 4G interference varying in strength from 60dB to 114dB. Two sources of this interference emanate from the transmission tower and/or from the mobile phone.  The present LTE cell interference is likely to be apparent on the old UHF channels 60~64 in the downlink band 758~788MHz.

To reduce LTE interference, we recommend all sites have antennas installed that are cut for the post restack frequencies of their locale. When amplification is required at the head, we recommend the installation of Kingray Edge Series masthead amplifiers that come standard with switchable LTE/4G filtering to maximise interference rejection. We also have a range of in-line and back-of-set LTE/4G filters in stock to accommodate LTE/4G interference rejection at the head if the interference is very strong or at other points in the TV distribution system.

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