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For the best TV reception and installation
Digital Television antenna testing - digital site inspection - field strength testing - MATV system analysing and upgrading
Our expert technicians have extensive knowledge of all types sites, MATV, Triple Play Fibre to Home systems,locations and buildings. We're able to check the signal with our spectrum analiser and analyse what is required, so you won’t miss any of your favourite shows or movies due to pixelation or loss of signal.
Digital Ready Television antenna installation on the Coast, also ..........Customer Education
Have you bought a new television? Surround sound? Gaming station? We deliver reliable TV installation on the coast. We can also professionally install any component into your home entertainment system and have it working in perfect harmony, so you’ll get the full experience from any film or game and not to be forgotten some Customer Education if required.
Television & Hifi installations
If your picture is starting to get fuzzy, or you’ve just moved into a new home or apartment and want to get all the channels, call us and our experts can tune your television and aerial for the clearest pictures and sound.  To get the highest quality picture and sound, rely on HomeTech Systems Pty Ltd to look after your home-commercial Digital tv antenna (Body corparate}, Security, CCTV and  Theatre setup.