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Concept 4000 [Concept 4000]

Concept 4000

Concept 4000 [Concept 4000]


Access Control for Small, Medium or Large Commercial Premises and Entire Enterprises

  • IP connected Access Control Solutions
  • RS485 connected Access Control systems
  • Door Access Control
  • Car park Access Control
  • Integration to wireless access control systems by Salto Sallis, HID Aperio
  • Integration to HID Hi-O
  • Lift & Elevator Access Control
  • Storage Lockers
  • Qualified Access management for OH&S and worksite safety requirements

Intruder Detection and Alarm Notification & Transmission

  • Fully featured alarm and event monitoring
  • Compatible with a huge range of detection devices
  • IP alarm transmission

CCTV Integration

Integration to a wide range of CCTV systems

Download PDF Specification Sheet: Download PDF Specification Sheet


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