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BluBox 32 [Jonsa BluBox]

BluBox 32

BluBox 32 [Jonsa BluBox]

The BluBox32 is a Foxtel approved (F30793) modern headend system that caters for all 32 Foxtel Optus C1/D3 transponders and converts the digital DVB-S(2)  satellite signals into DVBC(QAM) signals transparently to transmit them in cable networks.The BluBox32 is at the forefront of TDT (Transparent Digital Transmodulation) and is distinguished by its user-friendly operating concept, setup configuration and maintenance.

Functional Description :

The Sat-IF signals are fed through 2 inputs to each of the 8 DVB-S/ S 2 input ports and are processed by a high-performance FPGA (Field Programmable Gated Array) processor.
The transport stream processing or filtering, the QAM modulation and the agile adjustable up-converting in the cable network range (45 ...862 MHz) also take place in the FPGA processor.
Each of the eightfold modulators are adjacent channel compatible. A highly clocked digital to analogue converter (DAC) is responsible for the spectrally pure high quality output of the cable signal. After amplification and sum level adjustment, the cable signal is coupled through a directional coupler to the output port for distribution.

Key Features

All DVB-S(2) to DVB-C (QAM) output channels are fully agile and can be placed individually in the channel plan spectrum
  • Configuration via LAN/IP
  • Redundant power supply
  • Compact dimensions and high energy efficiency
  • Remote configuration and monitoring
Download PDF Specification Sheet: Download PDF Specification Sheet


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