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BOSCH SOL 144 - 6000 [Sol 6000]

BOSCH SOL 144 - 6000

BOSCH SOL 144 - 6000 [Sol 6000]

Protect your business or commercial property with a CCTV, Access Control, Door Entry, Asset Protection or Fire Safety System from HTS.

Bosch Solution 6000
Integrated Access Control and Alarm System

The Bosch Solution 6000 is the latest addition to the Bosch Alarm range, replacing the 16+ and 144 solutions. It is released with the versatility of adding access control as per the 144 solution, but has the simplicity of the 16+ to ensure that it is perfect for any Alarm install requirement.

Everything you would ever need in Small Business and home security at your fingertips as the Solution 6000 is amazingly scalable to suit almost any application. If all you need is a security system now but would like to look at adding swipe cards or tags down the track, or even add protection to a garage out back, this system will meet all your requirements. The Solution 6000 system is the most technologically advanced, reliable and yet simple to use Alarm systems on the market. With the easy to read display, anything that is occurring within the system is shown to you in plain English. Arm your system in AWAY mode to provide protection while you’re not at home or in STAY mode when you’re home but only in one area of the house (i.e. Stay upstairs and arm downstairs). The system boasts 8 Partitions with up to 16 Keypad devices (Internal Keypads, External Keypads , Proximity or Token readers and fingerprint readers), so perfect for a multi-tenanted buildings. Expandable to open up to 16 Electronic doors, giving you the extra added access control functionality.

If you add the optional GSM module you will enjoy the freedom of controlling the system via text messages, or simply connect this system to your standard home phone line so you can receive text messages in the event your alarm activates. If required we can program the unit for back to base monitoring that will ensure your property is looked after 24/7.

Feel free to ask any questions by dropping us an line or calling 1300 138 446

Security Alarm and Access Control System for Home or Business.

This Australian-made Bosch Solution 6000, is the new top of the line Bosch alarm panel. We think it's a beautifullly resolved and feature packed alarm panel that is extremely user and installer friendly.

Bosch Solution 6000 Security System Features:

  • The alarm system can include up to 144 zones and 256 users.
  • The Solution 6000 now has multiple keypad and reader options, including external readers, external keypads, and even a biometric fingerprint reader.
  • This security system supports an extensive range of reporting formats, including: Conettix IP, GSM, SMS, Email, CID, GPRS, CSV, IP, SIA 3+ Text, Voice and Domestic Dial.
  • SMS via Bosch GSM and SMS panel control ie. arm, disarm.
  • Up to 37 outputs available with one on-board dedicated relay programmed for roller doors.
  • The advanced remote access software allows us to make programming changes or diagnose any issues with the system, potentially saving you the cost of a callout.
Download PDF Specification Sheet: Download PDF Specification Sheet


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