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Patch Lead SMAM-NF

Patch Lead SMAM-NF

Patch Lead SMAM-NF

SMA Male to N Female Bulkhead Patch Lead - 15cm Cable

N Jack to SMA Plug patch lead cable bulkhead
SMA Male to N Female Bulkhead Patch Lead
- High quality connector
- SMA plug to N bulkhead jack patch cable
- 15cm of high quality RG316 cable

What does a patch lead do?

Super low loss cables such as LMR400 or LDF4-50A often terminate with N Male connectors due to their excellent operating characteristics across a wide RF spectrum. Bulkhead jack connectors also permit antenna connection through an enclosure while remaining weatherproof.

Insertion Loss

This cable has been tested and exhibits average cable loss of 0.33dB over full band 694-2700MHz.
840MHz: 0.28dB
885MHz: 0.28dB
1710MHz: 0.25dB
1815MHz: 0.23dB
Please enquire for test report.
SMA male connector N bulkhead jack female


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