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Notice to all Gold Coast Building Managers

With the free to air terrestrial Digital Television channel restack/retune started on 1st. August " on the Mt.Tamborine Gold Coast north transmitter, the building amplifiers need to be suited for the new adjacent channel plan, if the Headend hasn't been adjusted-upgraded by 5 am on 28 October the TV reception will be lost in the building or complex.

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Why you should not use a wideband and cluster amplifiers

All broadcasted TV channels from Tamborine TX do not arrive at the building MATV system equally and this posses a problem for the amplifier to get a balanced signal level to start distributing trough the building also keeping in mind that the existing cable and other amplifiers in the building also need to be considered in the overall picture of signal distribution

Why you should use a processor type headend with separate modules for all the 8 transponders  all channels  can be adjusted individually and filters all non wanted interference and un-needed channels out of the stream ( other transmitter towers that can be received are Currumbin, Springbrook,  Nardi-NSW, Brisbane and depending on weather conditions Sunshine coast) a lot of unwanted channels that a wide channel spectrum.

There are in the processor Head ends also differences as to how they process the signal and possibly can convert the receiving signal over the full VHF and UHF spectrum, and other matters such as warranty and supplier relationships will form a long term guaranty of ease of service if required

We have tested several brands and have selected a couple BASED ON THE ABOVE reasons and have installed these in many buildings on the Gold Coast  as well in other cities and even in mining camps, so we can advise you that out of experience those that work well

We have attended many seminars and product launches and are aware of many doggy proposals out there and can only warn you that “to good to be real” is the proper reasoning  

We have been on the Gold Coast for 30 years and have a reputation of quality work and have many customers that are willing to recommend us locally and interstate

More information from the Goverment retune:



Some free-to-air digital TV channels will move frequencies to make room for new services such as mobile broadband. You will need to retune your digital TV equipment on or after your retune date to keep receiving all the free-to-air digital TV channels available in your area.


There may be some unavoidable temporary outages to all TV channels in the days leading up to, on the day of, and the day or two after the retune date. These outages are necessary because of engineering work being undertaken at the TV transmission tower. Any outages are unlikely to last longer than a few hours. Viewers should wait until after their expected retune date before attempting to retune their digital television equipment.( only applicable for the Currumbin and Springbrook reception )

To check for expected outages associated with the retune, viewers should enter their address in the mySwitch tool at

Channel changes should not impact on the quality of television transmission or reception across the area. If people continue to experience difficulties with reception on a particular channel, they should contact the relevant broadcaster for more information about reception issues.


If you are having difficulty retuning your equipment, check your manufacturer's handbook for instructions on how to retune, ask a friend or family member to help you, visit the retune website at or call the