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Ikusi Flash HD [Ikusi Flash]

Ikusi Flash HD

Ikusi Flash HD [Ikusi Flash]

   FLASHD antenna, supplied completely assembled.
• The antenna is unfolded by simply pressing a button.
• Automatic bracket,fastening with one hand.
• Convergent triple-boom with 23 directors.
• Active or passive compact dipole. Dihedral reflector, all elements made of aluminium.
• Clamping system for masts of ø 25 to 50 mm.Variable clamp tilt ± 40º. Horizontal or vertical polarization.
• Cable connection: F type connector.
  1 screw-on F plug and 1 rubber protection cap are supplied.
• Polystyrene connecting-box with weather-proofing IP55 grade. The box is easily deta-
  chable for an easier coaxial cable connec-tion. Impedance: 75ohm
Download PDF Specification Sheet: Download PDF Specification Sheet


Flash HD installation

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