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Humax HDR1003S [HDR1003S]

Humax HDR1003S

Humax HDR1003S [HDR1003S]


From the moment you unpack the HDR1003S from its environmentally sensible packaging, you'll notice the superb build quality straight away when you see the attractive brushed aluminium front panel. Hidden behind the attractive brushed aluminium front panel is the high visibility VFD (Vacuum Fluorescent Display) which, upon power up, shines through bright and clear.

Humax receivers are Korean made (bestselling brand in UK & Germany) and incorporate the high performance Broadcom chipset. This chipset enables the device to process data at super-fast rates making navigation through the menu’s and channel changing seamlessly smooth.

Delivering full HD 1080p quality, you’ll see the difference straight away!

To assist you in navigating through the menu’s and channel changing with ease, Humax have designed a beautiful universal remote control to do so.

Humax have done their research, understanding that the majority of VAST customers are in remote areas; they have designed and produced a rugged power supply, built for the long haul.

Internal Fan: 

Humax is the only VAST receiver with an internal cooling fan, not relying on ambient circulation via vent holes for cooling.



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