What Lies Ahead For CCTV Systems?

CCTV Systems

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While its a boon that technology is working hard on the CCTV industry and are promising stringer IP based systems, adversely it also means that the systems would get more difficult to manage.This would result in extra costs of appointing expert security professionals, the finest software development teams and the reliance on third party storage solutions. In short more expensive video surveillance systems.

On the other hand it would boost another type of industry. The market would be flooded with cheap quality, low priced surveillance hardwares. The private customers would be hit with these poor substitutes of the higher end cameras. Thus the CCTV companies manufacturing the better quality ones would find it harder to capture the mass market.

The Video Security System Future Shows:

  • Enhanced Network Capability: Improvement in global networking technology and combination would mean inevitable migration to ip- based solutions. Video connectivity, control and access will improve considerably.
  • Flexibility: With the growth of mobile in the market share there should be parallel growth of video sharing system. It is a challenge that the manufactures of CCTV camera and its service providers have to overcome.
  • Value Added Services: The trend shows a remarkable improvement of video analysis system, like heat maps etc. These services would be sought by the customers and thus the providers should consider include them in their devices.
  • Storage Options: On camera SD card storage, cloud based storage would make their way , suppressing the DVRs.
  • Leasing Options: Once the equipments are enhanced with latest technologies, the price of purchasing a system would rise considerably. Thus the prospect of leasing video surveillance systems complete with other allied services is surely in the horizon.
  • Expansion of use: The increase of usage of security surveillance systems can be easily predicted. Installing CCTV cameras will be made mandatory at all public places like healthcare, bus depots, train stations and airports.
  • Catching Important Markets: Though the US and Europeans markets of the video surveillance are already saturated, they will continue to hold the major share. Apart from these, new buyers will come in pushing the old ones off the rung with the switching from digital to analog system.
  • Anywhere Anytime Accessibility: The consumers are more inclined towards user friendly devices .With the mobile devices security applications providing security monitoring and knowledge accessibility anywhere, anytime they are also seeking clean touchscreens operations.

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