Webgate’s HD CCTV Installation In World Class Casino

Webgate HD-CCTV onlineCCTVs are finding their way into all crucial business locations. Recently, a complete HD – CCTV surveillance system was installed in a world- class casino in Pusan by WEBGATE and partner company SARADA. Webgate, as we all know, is a surveillance equipment provider based out of Korea. It is a division of the Daemyung Enterprise.

This casino in Pusan attracts a lot of crowd, both locals and tourists. It provides the very best from the world of casinos be it, a wide array of slot machines or be it games like blackjack, roulette or baccarat. The premium services and amenities provided by this casino makes it a top tourist destination in the area. Needless to say, it is a seat for huge amount of money transaction every single day. Hence, arose the need for a high quality video surveillance system. After all, usage of these cameras can prevent illegal games and transactions. Analog camera and DVR were already operational in the casino but the upgradation to the full-HD version happened only recently with Webgate. The casino owners felt that a “HD-CCTV system based on HD-SDI transmission technology” would suit their need better as opposed to an “IP camera system based on network”.

The coaxial cables used in HD-CCTV systems are same as those of the analog systems. There is no loss of frames when full HD digital videos are transmitted thus fulfilling the real time monitoring needs at such casinos. In IP systems, on the other hand, there is a substantial delay caused due to video compression or network transmission.The camera of Webgate’s HD-CCTV system is equipped with an anti-motion blur function and hence, the image quality is highly reliable. Hence, the recordings can be used as evidence if any untoward event occurs.

HD-CCTVs One Cable Solution

This technology is used in the casino’s video surveillance system. This configuration essentially means that DVR supplies power to camera via coaxial cables. It is instrumental in controlling the OSD menu and zoom/focus functions of the camera. Full-frame recording is enabled in this set up through the 30fps channels.

Feedback from security personnel

Casino security personnel are indeed very happy with this new HD-CCTV system. They feel that it is easy to use and its method of operation is almost the same as that of the conventional one. They are enthusiastic about upgrading the rest of the analog system to HD-CCTV solutions as well.

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