Understanding HD-SDI Technology

HD-SDI Technology For CCTV Camera

HD-SDI DVR onlineThis HD-SDI technology is the the latest advancement in CCTV surveillance systems. It is the acronym for High Definition Serial Digital Interface and this protocol can transmit either videos of resolutions,720 pixels or 1080 pixels over more than 100 meters. The RG59 coaxial cable and the BNC connectors required in the HD-SDI system is same as the one used in traditional surveillance systems is an ideal choice to make use of this protocol.No wonder, it is a cost effective solution for people who choose to upgrade their existing CCTV surveillance system to the HD version since it eliminates the need to replace or reinstall coaxial cables. Experts are of the opinion that this is a wonderful alternative to IP CCTV cameras.

These HD-SDI systems transmit video without compressing it. Hence, it is advisable to compress the HD video using a compatible DVR card. The latter only helps in storing and streaming videos over the internet more efficiently and that too without adversely affecting the quality of the video. The special DVRs can be used like that of any conventional DVRs and its operation does not require any additional knowledge or training.

Previously, this technology used to be reserved for use in Government and military applications only since it used to be very expensive. However, the decrease in price has rendered it suitable for domestic/commercial applications as well.In future, the prices are expected to drop even further.

Advantage over the analog CCTV systems

The resolution is considerably higher – Standard analog systems have a maximum resolution of 720 X 576 pixels while our HD-SDI technology provides the full HD resolution 1920 X 1080 pixels. The latter is 7 times higher than that of the former.After all, picture quality is extremely important when these CCTV cameras are used for security purpose.

Drawback of the HD-SDI technology

It allows for a maximum recording speed of just 7 images per second, per camera when used at full resolution. This is considerably lower than that of the analog systems and is perceived to be a problem by some.

However, the pros offered by the upgradation to HD-SDI CCTV cameras outweigh the cons by a major degree. Hence, it is time for you to embrace this technology just like all others.

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