Types of CCTV Camera Board Lens

Be it for basic security or be it for top-secret spying purposes, the CCTV surveillance cameras find usage everywhere. CCTV camera lens come in various shapes and sizes to cater to the various functions.

What are these Board Lens?

CCTV board lensesThese are mounted directed on circuit boards and hence are simply referred to as board lenses. Unlike other interchangeable lenses, these are fixed. Even though they are not as versatile as others, they are specifically suited for small and hidden cameras. They are designed to connect directly to a TV or a recording device. However, the image quality is not as great as other available lenses and also do not cover a very wide range. They usually comes in two varieties: conical and flat.

Conical vs. Flat Board Lens
Conical lens requires a smaller hole but is usually a bit larger and bulkier as compared to a flat lens. A flat lens, on the other hand, is thin so that it can be hidden behind clothing. The latter needs a bigger hole though. Conical lenses use very tiny viewing holes to capture images and hence are used as ‘pinhole’ cameras. In general, the smaller is the viewing hole, the poorer is the image quality. Hence, some flat lenses are designed to be wide-angle and they allow for a comparatively larger viewing range. Certain pinhole cameras come with bigger holes and they use flat lenses.

Technologies used in Board Lenses

Two technologies are employed to capture images and transmit those images on CCTV systems viz. CCD and CMOS. CCD is the acronym for ‘charged coupled display’ and these type of lenses capture images by transforming the captured light into electric charges. The latter is later converted into digital images. The term CMOS refers to ‘Complementary Metal-Oxide-Semiconductor’ and is a technology which again transforms light to electricity. CMOS technology consumes less power and are less expensive as compared to CCD. However, the image quality of CMOS lens is poorer than that of CCD.

Typical usages
Board lenses mostly find use in the secret manner of spying. Hence, they are used in pens, clothings, walls and ceiling domes. Sometimes, these are also stuffed inside animals.

Other Features

Both manual and automatic features exist to positively affect the image and range quality. Sometimes, these lenses are equipped with zooming capabilities and the latter is especially helpful in enhancing the range of view substantially. Some also come with adjustable irises and the latter helps in capturing images in varying light conditions.

One can thus choose the specific variety of board lens for CCTV installation based on his/ her need.

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