Steps to Make CCTV Pictures Sharper

buy CCTV cameras onlineCCTV is the acronym for Closed Circuit Television and these CCTV Cameras find widespread use as surveillance cameras for security purpose. These are rather indispensable in areas where crime rate is high and images from these cameras are also used as evidence to nail the culprits in court houses. They are used to transmit the images of a particular area to recording devices (be it, DVR or VCR) and the latter are connected to a visual display unit like Television set or monitors so that the picture can be watched. For obvious reason, these security cameras require various adjustments and tuning to cater to various monitoring scenarios. The adjustments can be made either manually or remotely. If the image quality is not good, then the whole purpose of CCTV installation for security purpose is defeated.

The image quality is affected adversely due to various external factors in cases where the camera is positioned outside.

Adjustments to improve image quality

Explained below is a very easy and quick method to adjust the camera focus setting that is instrumental in improving the image quality.

If you execute the steps alone, then make sure that you have a stable and reliable ladder at your disposal. However, you do require the assistance of a person who can monitor the image quality on the screen and advise you accordingly.

  • Use an appropriately sized plier to tense the metal coupler in the clockwise direction. The metal coupler on the end of the cable is found behind the camera.
  • Clean the lens – wipe it with a specific lens cleaning cloth after blowing compressed air on the camera lens.
  • Set the focal length to manual mode if your camera set up permits the same.
  • Then comes the main task of fine tuning the focus ring. This is found on the front edge on the CCTV camera lens. This essentially helps to sharpen the image quality of the video. Based on feedback about the image quality, keep adjusting till you achieve the desired level of clarity and focus.
  • Poor light conditions affect the image quality adversely. Mostly CCTV cameras are equipped with automatic iris control. If your camera comes with the ‘ backlight compensation’ feature, then do set it on. This prevents the image from washing out when there is direct light on the camera lens.
  • Static may also be responsible for poor quality of images. Tightening loose cables help in removing the static on the video.

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