Common Surveillance System Mistakes That Make Security Systems Worthless

Webgate HD-CCTV onlineSecuring your home or business is always a top class priority. Whether its a simple lock and bolt, or appointing security guards or installation of the latest kind of security cameras make sure it is implemented properly. What you choose depends completely on your preference and budget.

You can have the best, the top-of-the-class security systems installed for the safety of your home or business, but some silly security system mistakes can hinder the proper functioning and optimum utilization and make it totally worthless.

  • Cheap is good -There are valid reasons for some security cameras to be priced higher than other ones. Do not buy the cheaper variety and seek maximum security. Looks can be deceiving. Cheaper security cameras can look as good as higher valued ones but their functioning might stop quarter of the way. It has to function well to be of any value at all!!
  • CCTV is complete security system – Most of the people who install CCTV often make the mistake feeling completely secured by doing it. The function of a CCTV is to detect theft or intrusion of any kind. It can certainly not provide any kind of barrier for it. Even the latest HDSDI CCTV cannot prevent any unwanted entry physically. It is just an important part of the security system and should be installed along with appointment guards or security officers to protect the premise in case it is broken into.
  • Poor positioning – The position of installation of the video security cameras is the most important condition in its working efficiency. Even the best kinds cannot give you a clear view if there are obstacles in front of it. Consider the weather conditions that it has and can withstand in case of outdoor installation. Even if it is indoors enough protection should be taken while installation of a CCTV so that the light falling on it does not blind its view. Poorly positioned cameras are practically of no use and means a total waste of investment.
  • Poor Installation – Installation of CCTV is not the work of an amateur. Improper installation means improper functioning and can make your security system totally worthless. For 100% effectiveness of your investment in a video security system, it is wiser to get professional help.

If you want an installation of CCTV in your home or your store as a part of your security system, give us a call at Home Tech Solutions. We provide various video security systems and services their installation, keeping your safety and security in mind.

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