Unboxing New 3 Megapixel Network IP Bullet Camera

IP cctv

image source: Charbel Akhras

Installation of CCTV in home and store is very important. It is used for recording events and its documentation. The system includes a High Definition Serial Digital Interference  Close Circuit Television camera. Installing a HDI-SDI CCTV would ensure the security of your family and business and thus should be a priority investment for you.

The primary reasons why CCTV is required to be installed at home are for:

  1. Prevention of Crime: CCTV s are important to prevent burglaries and petty thefts. You can keep a track of any stalkers around your premises.It also helps in providing evidence in case any crime occurs.
  2. Monitoring Children: Installing a CCTV at home would help you in keeping a tab on your children. If your house includes yards, pools and many rooms, having a CCTV would make them more visible to you and keep track.

At a store, CCTV helps in the following ways:

  1. Prevent Theft: It is easier for a store with CCTV camera, to track any crime. Installing cameras in strategic places like cash registers, restrooms and employees’s rooms, will make it possible to detect a theft and can also deter an employee from doing one, in the fear of getting caught. Shoplifters can also be detected and caught with evidence.
  2. Encouraging employee /customer good behaviour: If your employees are aware of the CCTV monitoring their activities, they would try to maintain god behaviour while dealing with the customers. This is turn would optimize the business. A store with CCTV installed also increases the confidence of the customers. They tend to feel secure and safe.
  3. Monitoring Activities: CCTV allows the owner to keep an eye of the activities inside the store premises and make sure that everything is running smoothly.

The latest technology in CCTV surveillance in the market is the 3mp IP Network Bullet Security Camera.

Here are its features:

  • Picture size of 2052 x 1536 pixels
  • Clearer zoomed picture quality
  • 3.6mm fixed lens with 50 feet of infrared distance.
  • Smoked glass hiding the built in infrared LEDs.
  • A cable feed through bracket for protection of camera wires.
  • 12V DC power or Power Over Ethernet options.
  • Easy adjustments with 3 axis brackets.

Home Tech Solutions offer you a complete guide in installation and operation of CCTV cameras at your home. Here you would get to choose the best quality of CCTV s available in the market, updated and upgraded to the latest technologies.

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