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Understanding HD-SDI Technology

HD-SDI Technology For CCTV Camera

HD-SDI DVR onlineThis HD-SDI technology is the the latest advancement in CCTV surveillance systems. It is the acronym for High Definition Serial Digital Interface and this protocol can transmit either videos of resolutions,720 pixels or 1080 pixels over more than 100 meters. The RG59 coaxial cable and the BNC connectors required in the HD-SDI system is same as the one used in traditional surveillance systems is an ideal choice to make use of this protocol.No wonder, it is a cost effective solution for people who choose to upgrade their existing CCTV surveillance system to the HD version since it eliminates the need to replace or reinstall coaxial cables. Experts are of the opinion that this is a wonderful alternative to IP CCTV cameras. Continue reading

Types of CCTV Camera Board Lens

Be it for basic security or be it for top-secret spying purposes, the CCTV surveillance cameras find usage everywhere. CCTV camera lens come in various shapes and sizes to cater to the various functions.

What are these Board Lens?

CCTV board lensesThese are mounted directed on circuit boards and hence are simply referred to as board lenses. Unlike other interchangeable lenses, these are fixed. Even though they are not as versatile as others, they are specifically suited for small and hidden cameras. They are designed to connect directly to a TV or a recording device. However, the image quality is not as great as other available lenses and also do not cover a very wide range. They usually comes in two varieties: conical and flat. Continue reading

Steps to Make CCTV Pictures Sharper

buy CCTV cameras onlineCCTV is the acronym for Closed Circuit Television and these CCTV Cameras find widespread use as surveillance cameras for security purpose. These are rather indispensable in areas where crime rate is high and images from these cameras are also used as evidence to nail the culprits in court houses. They are used to transmit the images of a particular area to recording devices (be it, DVR or VCR) and the latter are connected to a visual display unit like Television set or monitors so that the picture can be watched. For obvious reason, these security cameras require various adjustments and tuning to cater to various monitoring scenarios. The adjustments can be made either manually or remotely. If the image quality is not good, then the whole purpose of CCTV installation for security purpose is defeated. Continue reading

How Does CCTV Camera Zoom Work?

CCTV Surveillance Cameras

buy CCTV cameras onlineCCTV cameras are indispensable as surveillance devices. They are extremely effective in monitoring and checking illegal activities and thefts. Clear images produced as CCTV camera footage can be used as evidence in case an unfortunate and untoward incident occurs. CCTV cameras can be installed in various places be it your office, your home or your garage or be it any public place like subways or grocery stores. Based on its usage, CCTV cameras are equipped with a variety of lenses. The deciding factors are usually the area being catered to and the placement of the camera. These lenses are designed to cater to various functions. One of the most popular ones in the zoom lens which can be controlled either remotely or manually. The zoom lens enables capturing of the image through a wider angle and enables a clearer picture of the desired object. Many a times, this zoom function has led the authorities to culprits in case of thefts. In case you are installing a CCTV camera at home for security purpose, then do ask your CCTV Installation company to include the zoom lens as well. Continue reading