Which Type of Surveillance System Is Right For You

Choosing the best surveillance systems

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Any business owner, big or small, cannot sleep until well assured of the security of his assets. Whether it is data or computers you can never be sure about the kind of theft that can take place in your premises. So, while choosing a security system for your business, here are few questions that you should ask your security provider before choosing one.

  • If they have a license to work: While considering a company, be sure to ask them whether they hold a license to work in your state. Every security company should hold a valid license and be aware of the security norms of the state. Be cautious about this issue so that you are not burdened with any legal issues later, by installing a security installation that is not state approved.

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What Lies Ahead For CCTV Systems?

CCTV Systems

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While its a boon that technology is working hard on the CCTV industry and are promising stringer IP based systems, adversely it also means that the systems would get more difficult to manage.This would result in extra costs of appointing expert security professionals, the finest software development teams and the reliance on third party storage solutions. In short more expensive video surveillance systems. Continue reading

Video Security Equipment Glossary

Video Security Systems

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This a glossary containing few of the terminologies related to Video Security Equipments. You can add anything you find missing from the list.

  • Auto Iris: The cameras which require to adjust with the light levels, like from the bright sunlight of the day to the darkness of the night, need to be equipped with Auto Iris.
  • Alarm Input: Some of the security cameras have sensors or alarm inputs,  to detect unwanted surface contact or infra-red movements which acts as signals or alarms for them to start recording.

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Unboxing New 3 Megapixel Network IP Bullet Camera

IP cctv

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Installation of CCTV in home and store is very important. It is used for recording events and its documentation. The system includes a High Definition Serial Digital Interference  Close Circuit Television camera. Installing a HDI-SDI CCTV would ensure the security of your family and business and thus should be a priority investment for you.

The primary reasons why CCTV is required to be installed at home are for:

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Gym CCTV System Benefits

Buy etrovision fix domeAt any gym ,country club or sport center CCTV’s are a must. With the continuous flow of visitors CCTV offers security for the members and the staffs by preventing any theft of the gyms or the club’s assets as well as that of the members. The number of CCTV s you would to install depend upon the size of your gym and its value. Not only that, the positions of CCTV camera installation is an important factor to secure your gym and its assets. Continue reading